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Thursday, 20 April 2017
This Freedom Films Production, a GNPI partner in Thailand, allows "Sitt" to tell the story of God's transforming power in his life - how God changed an ordinary person into an extraordinary story.
Monday, 13 March 2017
Duration: 7 mins 20 secs
Freedom Films Productions, a GNPI team in Thailand, produces the video series Changed. Umpai Chun tells her story of how God changed her life from longing for death to filled with His love.
Thursday, 15 December 2016
Duration: 11 mins 21 secs
In this episode of Changed, testimonies produced by Freedom Films Productions (a part of the GNPI team) in Thailand, Nattapong Kongamornpana tells of God's persistent love and grace for him that is available to all.
Wednesday, 05 October 2016
Discover how God changed the life of Akkarin Puri. Hopelessness & fear helped Akkarin Puri develop a life filled with anger & brutality. God changed it into a life of peace, discipline and the skill of a guitar maker/
Thursday, 28 July 2016
Duration: 6 mins 46 secs
This Freedom Films Productions video is shown on the missions network as a testimony to the power of Christ to bring freedom into helpless & hopeless situations of life.
Tuesday, 09 February 2016
Duration: 34 mins 24 secs
Episode 5 of Movement Everywhere, a production of Freedom Films Productions Thailand, presenting examples of God's seldom noticed blessings in the lives of the Thail people
Monday, 17 August 2015
Duration: 5 mins 53 secs
Chernreudee Suwansopon Renier's testimony is of a new life through God's grace that could not be found through adherence to Buddhism.
Tuesday, 28 July 2015
Duration: 8 mins 2 secs
Watch the powerful story of God written in the lives of people around the world unfold in this episode of "Changed" from Freedom Films Productions
Wednesday, 17 June 2015
Duration: 10 mins 13 secs
Dr. Vacharee Peterson grew up in a committed Buddhist family. As life unfolded, she discovered true peace & enlightenment in Jesus. God has touched many through her life - watch her testimony.
Thursday, 29 January 2015
Duration: 9 mins 5 secs
A great testimony video by Chaiyo Kotechompoo from Freedom Films Productions Thailand
Tuesday, 12 August 2014
Duration: 9 mins 9 secs
Learn how God's embrace rescued Boonsak's derailed and out of control life.
Monday, 28 July 2014
Duration: 10 mins 14 secs
This video, produced by Freedom Films Productions, is a personal testimony from one who did not grow up as a Christian. His challenge is for others to follow Christ to find true life.
Wednesday, 22 January 2014
This is a new program being produced by the Freedom Films staff in Thailand. The literal translation is "Kitchen of God's Word". Each Bible lesson is "spiced" with stories and analogies from each teacher with love to present an "entree" full of flavor.
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