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Travelin' Miles - 100% Drafted!

Travelin' Miles: Aruamu Bible 100% Drafted!
August 2017
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Aruamu Bible 100% Drafted!

Dear family and friends,
It is very encouraging to our Aruamu  Translation Team (Papua New Guinea) to celebrate milestones along the way toward the completion of the full Bible in the Aruamu language. We are thrilled to let you know that the Aruamu Old Testament is now 100% drafted, as of this last month.  Many books are entirely through the translation process, and many others are in various stages of work. 

Our comprehension checking team has just completed the naturalness and clarity checks of Ezekiel and Amos, in preparation for the final consultant check coming up in October.  One of our team members has completed the drafting of all the footnotes for 1 and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Chronicles.  These will be typed over this next month.

With assistance from Bobby Joe Wrenn, Norm Weatherhead and Nathan Miles, the Aruamu  project has been successfully migrated from Paratext 7.5 to Paratext 8, the state-of-the-art Bible Translation software, for which we are extremely grateful.

Bobby Joe and Sue Ellen Wrenn are working with Aruamu folks in Tiap village to record some Old Testament books.  Ruth is completed.  They are working on the book of Daniel right now. Faith Bible College students and faculty participated in an outreach weekend in Rughasak village, where a brand new church is being established.

You can have a look at the chart below to see the translation progress  so far this year. (All the Old Testament books are listed, left to right in the chart. The solid blue lines show what was completed prior to 2017; broken lines show work during January to August 2017. The first stage of our translatiion process is the drafting; second is the exegetical check; third is the comprehension check; fourth is the consultant check.) 

Thank you SO much for partnering with us to enable this to happen!  God is doing this!

Love in Christ,
Marsha Relyea Miles

You are invited to partner financially in Bible Translation ministry. You can give online at the link below to my ministry, and also to the Aruamu Translation Fund, or Aruamu Scripture Printing Fund:


(Of course, the normal "check" method list below works great, as well. Gifts to assist with bringing Aruamu translators to the U.S. this next year may be made to the Aruamu Translation Fund.) 

Celebrate with us:  
Old Testament translation progress, January -- August 2017.

Prayer Prompts

Pray for the Aruamus who are leading Faith Bible College, and for their outreach with the gospel into contiguous areas.

Pray for Bobby Joe Wrenn and the Aruamu folks who are recording Old Testament books in Tiap village.

Pray for Nathan Miles’ trip to Mexico City, September 3-9, to meet with United Bible Societies coworkers who are planning how to support Sign Language translation projects in Bible Societies.

Pray for Marsha as she prepares 3 messages to share at Cherry Hill Women’s Retreat,September 22-23 in Arkansas.  

In family news:

Nathan and Marsha are traveling to Australia September 10 for the wedding of our daughter Brigette Relyea to her long-time Australian boyfriend, Quentin Schubert.  Philip, Heather (Relyea), and Everett Ashley are traveling ahead of us.  We are looking forward to celebrating with sweet Brigette and Quentin as they  begin their married life there in Australia.



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