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Eastern Dominican Christian Mission - August 2017

Eastern Dominican Christian Mission
    August 2017
The VandeLinde Family

Ryan, Erin, Micah, Josiah 
& Analise 
Starfish Logo

Over a decade ago, Mike and Beth Searcy (Louisville) fell in love with the Dominican Republic and with the Dominican children.  They felt compelled to help make a difference, so exactly 10 years ago they founded "Starfish Missions."  Each year Starfish Missions raises thousands of dollars in order to help provide the basic school supplies for hundreds of children within EDCM ministries.  

This year Starfish Missions helped equip 400 students with book bags, notebooks, pencils, uniforms and even school shoes.  We thank God for our partnership with Starfish Missions and we thank Mike and Beth Searcy for their love for God and for the Dominican children.  Praise God! 
If you would like to partner with Starfish Missions, please check out their website:
Brisas del Mar: A Medical Outreach

EDCM's newest ministries is a medical outreach ministry in a neighborhood called "Brisas del Mar."  One of EDCM's disciples, Euri Cordero, is a certified General Practitioner and is the Director of our medical outreach.  Euri has been a part of our ministry since he was 13 years old and we have seen him grow and mature. Euri graduated High School and then went to Medical School to become a General Practitioner.  Euri has a deep love for God and a heart to help people...especially those from impoverished neighborhoods. 
Recently, our medical outreach has grown tremendously and we now have a permanent meeting place along the main dirt road.  We have rented a nice facility that allows us to have several large "Operativo Medicos," or Medical Outreaches, annually and give Euri and Fátima (nurse) a common place to see patients on a daily basis.  Earlier this month, Euri and Fatima had the opportunity to bless 27 families with a "Manna Pack," a box of food for the malnourished and low income families.  These boxes were a huge blessing.  Great job Euri and Fatima!
An EDCM Wedding

As mentioned in the above section, Euri Cordero has been a member of our ministry for almost 15 years, since he was 13.  Euri is one of the finest young men I (Ryan VandeLinde) have had the opportunity to disciple.  And I am so proud to announce that on August 4, 20017 Euri married the love of his life, Solanyi (SOUL-LAAN-JEE). 

 On behalf of EDCM and all of our faithful partners, we want to congratulate Euri and Solanyi on their marriage.  We love you guys!  Congrats!
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An EDCM Wedding
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Micah's Minute
So, the other day I went fishing in a pond and I caught the biggest fish of my life!  It was 14 feet long!  Ok, not really.  But it felt like it.  That fish pulled and yanked so hard it almost pulled me into the pond.  Once I finally got it ashore, I saw something I had never seen before. It was a white catfish.  We think maybe it is albino or something, I dunno.  Anyway, here is the pic for evidence.
       - Micah, 11 yrs. old 
Josiah's Jot 
Yes, my brother caught a big catfish, but I caught my fish first!  I didn't really fish any more after I caught my fish. I basically just played with my fish for the next hour.  So, here is a pic of the firstfish caught that day!
Josiah, 6 yrs. old 

Analise' Analysis
I went fishing too!  But I found a frog.  Here it is.

3 yrs old
  • Radio Station Equipment Approx. $2,500


  • Continued growth with the "Self-Sufficiency" of each primary ministry
  • 2017-2018 School year for the Punta Cana Christian School
  • That God opens the doors of the families that are a part of our Punta Cana School
  •  Each of the Pastoral Families: Hernandez Family, Francisco Family, Diaz Family, Cordero Family, Luis Family


  • For the success of Starfish 2017
  • For the many families blessed by the Manna Packs.
  • La Romana Christian Church was able to repair their leaky roof
  • RL Ministries: Ricardo and Marlen have a new song and video coming out this month
  • Self-sufficiency: each of our church plants continues to move toward being self-sufficient or self-sustainable

Thank you for your prayers! God listens and answers! 

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