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Restoration House Ministries, Inc. - August Prayer Pointes

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  • "RESTORE just wrapped up a full summer of Block Parties and hosting mission trip teams from the Midwest. We had a great summer serving the community of Quincy and we look forward to what the Fall season will bring. Please pray that the fruit of the Block Parties will come to fruition and that people will see RESTORE as a church who cares and loves deeply for them. 
  • We are thanking God for the time Laura Clark spent with us as a Resident and leader of RESTORE Kids. Her residency has come to an end but we are so happy that she will remain in Quincy! We are excited to welcome Katie Tindall on staff to fill the shoes of Laura. Please pray that the transition will continue to run smoothly and that the ministry of RESTORE Kids will blossom.
  • Please continue to pray for two people in our community, Margaret and Walter, as we have started to build really great relationships with both individuals throughout the summer. Walter attended our worship gathering this past Sunday! Margaret and Walter have been great resources for RESTORE and we look forward to continued friendships with them both."


  • Thank God for bringing Eric, a Messianic Jew, to visit NP through the invitation of Norman and his nieces who are also new to NP.  Pray that God will use these new connections to facilitate other visitors who will become part of our growing community.
  • Thank God for Annette who learned of NP while shopping in the Lincoln mall. She visited NP last Sunday. Annette, who comes from a Catholic background, deeply appreciated the emphasis that was placed on the Bible in worship and preaching.
  • Kevin attended NP three weeks in a row before bringing his wife and daughter. We anticipate next week his son will join them.
  • Thank God for the NP Huddles which have taken place over the last several weeks. We have heard many concerns, hopes, and fears of those attending NP. Our next Huddle will be August 27 as we turn more toward the future by sharpening the new vision and mission of NP. In this way, we pray that people will take more ownership of the church’s ministry.
  • Thank God for our regional ministry partners. For example, SOJOURN Collegiate Ministry used our offices for a three-day retreat last week. We are glad to share because our partners have been so good about sharing with us.
  • Pray for a friend of NP’ers who took her own life, leaving behind a child and an estranged husband.
  • Pray for Monique's 27-year-old nephew who was hospitalized in critical condition. Pray for his relationship with Christ and Monique as she loves her family into Jesus.
  • NP Kids' ministry is taking 4 weeks off until after Labor Day to give a break to the current volunteers and to provide time for training new workers.
  • This Saturday NP will enjoy a family day at Pulaski Park. Pray that people will come share a fun day of enjoying one another and sharing informal yet significant conversations about life and faith.
  • This Sunday two families are dedicating children and themselves to Christ. Ask God to use this emphasis to inspire parents and children’s ministry volunteers.


  • Please continue to pray for our Poland Mission team as they prepare for their trip!  We pray that everyone will have their funds raised on time and that they are prayerfully preparing for this life-changing experience.  We hope that this time together will bring them closer to each other and to God. 


  • We have been very short on volunteers lately so we recently had a push for serving in all our ministry areas.  Many of our people have responded and are now ready to begin serving where they are needed.  We pray they will feel motivated to serve wholeheartedly and to truly make OceanPointe feel like home and like they are among family.


  • We are planning an amazing event for our families at OceanPointe as a kickoff to the new school year.  We are calling it Epic Blastoff!  It will be a fun night for families with elementary age students to play games and compete as a family with others.  We hope that through this, they will grow closer as families and also meet other people and children with whom they can build community.
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